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Frequently Asked Questions

Does MZLF have bond?

Yes, we have a bond with customs authorities

Is MZLF Registered with customs authorities?

Yes we are registered agent located in Beira city

What documents are required for custom clearance in Beira?

  • Imports
  • 2 Original Bills of Lading
  • 1 Commercial Invoice
  • 1 Packing List
  • Exports
  • Copy Export Bill of Entry
  • Copy of CD1 - Exchange Control Form
  • Copy Commercial Invoice
  • Copy Packing List

What types of business do you handle?

  • Import & Exports
  • Stuffing and Unstuffing
  • General Cargo

How long does it take to clear?

All entries are now being handled online and differ entry to entry. Minimum time 24hrs.

How many days do you require documents in advance?

Imports - 10days prior to ETA Beira.

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